Things to Know About Green Supplements Things to Know About Green Supplements

Things to Know About Green Supplements

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Right now there are green supplements all over the market. There is also a lot of misinformation as well that is out there on the market which makes it hard to know which are the best and which are not the best. So for that reason we are going to look at all of these supplements and determine which the best is and how it could be handled.

Green supplements are one of the fastest growing categories that are on the market. It makes things very easy because you are able to get all of your fruits and your vegetables in one pill or in one power supplement. There is also the added benefit that you are able to consume a very concentrated version of the fruits and vegetables. However, there are some claims that need to be addressed when speaking about the abilities that they add to your training regimen.  When they are used they can add to your health, but when you use them incorrectly these can be bad for your health and your growth. There are many items that are facts and fiction in terms of what works and what does not. Let’s take a look and break these all down.

Can Greens Replace your Vitamin?

You can eat many servings per day of greens but they are not able to replace your vitamins. The real reason is that they do not have all of the levels of essential vitamins and minerals that you need. And in addition to that if you are training very hard you also need to make sure that you are consuming more zinc and magnesium than the average person. Unless the supplement lists out everything to the detail it should never be considered to be a new multivitamin.


Greens Can Help Restore Your PH Level

The human body needs to have its balance, and a part of that is making sure that your PH is in balance. That means that there needs to be balances that will allow you to be able to have a balance to be healthy as well as that you want to use supplements to keep you healthy. Supplements are very healthy for maintaining your PH. Some foods like grains, dairy, and protein are acidic while other foods are basic. Green plants and supplements are basic which means they will help you to change your body’s balance back to natural. Some people who are watching their weight as well as their health will try to eat a diet that is very high in bases so that they will be able to process the fruits and vegetables much better and have a regular PH level. This is a very healthy option for your diet.


Are all Greens As Good for You?

It is important to know what ingredients you want to see in greens. You want to make sure that you have the breakdown of all of the vitamins and that the choice that you are making is as informed as possible. For example, if there is green tea extract suggested that it has been added on the package, your next question should be, how much is in there? If you have a good idea you will be assured that you are able to have access to the data that is required. You cannot just put something in your body without knowing what is in it. That would mean that you were not doing your homework.


You Need to Buy Your Supplements Based on the Quantity of Oxygen in Them.


One of the trendiest ideas in the body building and exercise world these days is Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity of foods. This is an idea that was created to prove that one green was better than another and that the supplements are touted as the equivalent of being X servings of fruits and X servings of vegetables.  Recent studies have shown that the ORAC is not as important as was initially thought. The USDA has recently even removed the ORAC from the database of terms that it was using. This should have NOTHING to do with your decision when you are buying a supplement,


Timing of Taking the Supplement is not Important:

This is simply not true. The reason for making sure that you want to take the supplement at the right time is very simple; the supplement will not promote growth if you take it right before working out. The reason for this is very simple. Taking the supplement before you work out will keep you from being able to be more muscular and will keep you looking and feeling weak in the long term. For this reason and many others you can take a green supplement almost any other time but this time.



Green Supplements Mean You No Longer Need Fruits and Vegetables:

This is simply false. You need at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day and if you are going low on carbs, you need a higher amount since that is where you are able to get the supplements you need to add to your regimen.


Finding the right supplement is not impossible.

But it is important to make sure that you know what you are doing as well as how you are going to do it. Make sure that you do your homework on these points and you will be able to consume the right supplement without fear that you are not going to have the nutrition that is needed and required. In terms of staying healthy, you want to make sure that you have access to all of the research for the newest supplements, make sure that you subscribe and stay well informed on all of the new items that are available so you will know how you can improve your situation and stay healthy. In terms of new supplements make sure you are looking for those that list all of their ingredients and you will get the right one.