Why Are Superfood Supplements Better Than Ordinary Supplements - Why Are Superfood Supplements Better Than Ordinary Supplements -

Why Are Superfood Supplements Better Than Ordinary Supplements

Admin Oct 09,2017
What is a green drink powder?

If you choose between synthesized vitamins and organic greens, which one would you undoubtedly pick? What you should remember when taking supplements is the condition of your health. Before you go buying all those products, you need to find out what nutrient is lacking in you.

Confused which is better? Read on these helpful comparisons.


In terms of composition, many doctors have admittedly claimed that synthesized supplements cannot hold the complete nutrients needed by the body in just one capsule, tablet or syrup. The target of these kinds of supplements is to attack one to two nutrient deficiencies. On the other hand, organic supplements such as powders and juices can contain more nutrients for the body’s organ systems to be replenished. The fruits or vegetables used as core materials are composed of higher nutritional content.


Absorption of synthetically made vitamins is slower and insufficient. When not properly taken or is not combined with another product that hasten absorption, the tendency of these supplements is that it will be urinated or defecated. The fact that they are contained in capsules or highly stacked in tablets makes it harder for them to be dissolved inside the body. This is why superfood supplements are better because the ingredients of the drinks already have their own absorption product.


The superfood supplements have long term impact to the body compared to ordinary supplements. It can eliminate deficiencies; whereas ordinary supplements cannot. When you stop taking vitamin tablet as sustenance, then the positive effects will also stop showing. It is only for a short term basis. Moreover, as what was implied in the composition talk, the superfood supplements targets a wider range of abnormalities.

Health Risks

Since superfood green drinks are organic, you wouldn’t have to worry about health risks. If you have normal reaction to the ingredients and or not allergic, then you can assured that drinking these products will only give you positive health effects. In contrast, ordinary supplements may have fillers that can have damaging effects to the health of a person. The fact that it is processed makes it more risky.


There are cheap vitamins or supplements that are pharmaceutically made. However, most if not all, do not really work. Those that give you amazing health results can cost heavier to your pocket compared to buying a stack or green drink formulas. The latter is a better investment because you its price is reasonable and you can still retain its good effects even though you do not drink it daily.

As a verdict, it really shows that organic supplements or superfood green drinks are better compared to ordinary and synthesized ones. No matter how expensive and classy the name of the latter, the naturalness of the former is always bigger. Moreover, the good effects on the body given by the superfood supplements are not limited. You can lose weight while gaining muscle mass and still be healthy and full without having to worry about risks.

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