Super Food Benefits: The Foods That You Must Eat - Super Food Benefits: The Foods That You Must Eat -

Super Food Benefits: The Foods That You Must Eat

Admin Oct 09,2017
What Is The Best Superfood Supplement Out There?

Nowadays, it is a greater challenge to choose a healthier lifestyle because of the demands of different day to day activities. Most of the time, you tend to prioritize other things like work and other extracurricular deeds, that you forget to eat at the proper time with the right kinds of foods. Moreover, the growing commercial food industries promote fast food chains that are very convincing when it comes to marketing.

You must not take for granted what you eat. It defines you and will eventually show in the future. Some say that you are what you eat; this does not mean that if you eat pork, you are a pig. The statement is simply implying to have mindful eating because it is your key to proper health investments that you might need in the future.

If you aim to live a longer life that doesn’t involve constant medical help and health complications then you need to sort out the kinds of foods to eat every single day. You should also be aware of the super foods that will make your life better.

What are super foods?

There are foods that are defined to be better than other foods. Those that have higher nutritional content and are known to be good cure for illnesses are considered as super foods. Not only will these foods make you healthy but they will also enhance your physical fitness.

Examples of Super Foods and Their Benefits

  1. This green leafy veggie is a good source of immune boosters that help the body fight back bacteria and viruses. It also aids in coping up when the body is down and ill. You can get the best of it through juicing and then cooking.
  2. This food is a great source of potassium which is greatly needed by the muscles especially the heart. Its seeds also offer better hormone maintenance.
  3. This fruit does not only provide vitamins and minerals but it also helps in hastening the absorption processes of other elements that are needed in the body. It is also a great source for good fats and can be an alternative for one good meal. Avocados are best served with sugar and milk.
  4. This vegetable is a good source of lycopene which is rarely seen in other foods. It is known for enriching and nourishing the skin as well as protecting it from the harmful factors such as the rays of the sun.
  5. These delicious fruits protect humans from cancer. It prevents mutation and lowers the risk of people with cancer history in acquiring one.
  6. This food is the standard basis for bioavailability for cholesterol and calories. It is high in protein content and regardless of what you think its cholesterol is a good sustenance for your body. It can be fried or boiled. Some people even eat it raw.
  7. Sweet Potato. It is a good source of Vitamin A and has antioxidants that help in retaining youthful glow which visibly shows in the skin. It is also fibrous, which helps promote weight loss and cleanse the digestive system from deep within.
  8. Black Beans. This has high amount of iron and antioxidants which specifically helps in regulating the cardiovascular system. It also has high fiber content which encourages body cleansing and weight loss.
  9. This food was discovered to have phytonutrient that eliminates cancer risks. It also has very high iron and vitamin C content compared to other veggies and fruits.
  10. Cauli Flower. Doctors would recommend cauli flower to pregnant women because it has enzymes that help in the growth and development of the fetus. It also promotes body cleansing.
  11. This super food prevents growth of cancer cells and mutation of normal cells. It has high quantities of folic acid and vitamin C which is a need of everyone especially pregnant women. It can be eaten raw or steamed.
  12. The meat of this fish contains a rich amount of fish oil that helps the cardiovascular system in development and coping up.
  13. This targets the digestive system. Its probiotics content enhances the work of digestion which keeps the person healthy and active.
  14. This kind of nut is very healthy for the heart. Unlike what others believe, the oil content of walnuts is not harmful to the body. It has a good kind of cholesterol.
  15. Doctors recommend this for people who have Diabetics. This regulates the right amount of sugar while also joining the works of metabolism through its fibrous content.

Other Advantages

Not only are these super foods nutritious but they are also accessible and available to everyone. You can go to the supermarket and buy pieces of the foods mentioned above. They are cheap compared to other ready to eat dietary foods and can be very convenient when it comes to intake because most of them can be eaten raw. The fact that they are affordable adds more ring to those who are really trying to get fit and healthy.

Some may find super foods intimidating and some may even be skeptic about the reality behind each item but many generations have witnessed the good that they have brought about into this world. Basically, when you look at it, this kind of foods is the basic for the combination of new products that also include drugs. What is even great is the fact that everyone can have a bite of everything because they are all organic; although it is still highly advised for people to take tests for sensitivity or get the doctor’s opinion to know if the food is fine for intake.

Super foods can be fun to eat; especially when you’re dealing with little kids. You can make any kinds of meal to convince your little ones how great and yummy the treat is. You can even serve them without cooking, especially the fruits.



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