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What is a green drink powder?

Admin Oct 09,2017
What is a green drink powder?

Have you ever tried juicing a leaf of a healthy veggie knowing that it is good for you? Are you the kind of person who wants to go organic and live a greener life? If so, then you will be glad to know that you do not have to keep on squeezing foods because you can opt to but green powder coming from the super foods that you’d surely love to try.

A green powder drink is basically grinded veggie or fruits until turned into their tiniest bits. These kinds of products are sold in packets or jars. You can go to your nearest grocery store and find an array of powdered drinks because this is very common nowadays. People love the variety and convenience of these kinds of product; which is why more investors put their money on going green and giving people the organic that they need.

Juice vs. Powder

Why not just juice it? Isn’t it healthier to get the nutrients directly from its freshly squeezed juice? It may get you confused why most people buy the green drink powder than juicing them. The fact is, nutritional content of a product is changed depending on how it is used.

It terms of fiber, both processes can rip it off the product. However, the powder can still contain a little compared to the juice. When you say juice, you only get the water together with the nutrients inside the specific fruit or veggie. On the other hand, powdered green drink can sustain a tiny amount because even though it is broken through their smallest capacity, the end product is still solid.

Furthermore, the sugar content of juices is higher compared to powder. You cannot control the elements on the former compared to getting your dose of the latter. Juices of fresh fruits are not recommended to people with Diabetic. It is highly advised to get an expert’s opinion about this kind of grading.

Benefits of Green Powder Drink

The very first thing that people are happy about powdered drinks is the fact that the taste can be adjusted to the person’s preference. One can put preservatives or sweetening with the correct ratio and mixture of the powder drink. It can be easily swallowed, even by youngsters.

Moreover, it can be mixed with other products that enhance the nutritional content of the drink. This will impose better health benefits for the person drinking it. Each kind of vegetable or fruit has a specific target to the human body thus eliminating the thought of being too much. You can just pick a powder that suits your present condition.

Furthermore, it is cheap. The fact that you can grow some of the plants and grind it yourself is enough motivation. The fruits and vegetables used are your common grocery goods. You do not have to go to the ends of the world just to have the powder because it is sold commercially. They do not cost as much as synthesized drugs for supplement.


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